The managing fatigue e-learn provides introductory learning on how to manage fatigue in yourself and in your team.  The course is made up of 8 modules and will take around 2 hours to complete. You can complete all modules, or only those that are relevant to your role.  

Task Improvement Process (TIP) is intended as a practical, task analysis technique used by those who carry out activities at the front line. It is used to identify a) how tasks are actually conducted (i.e. work as done vs. work as imagined), b) what mistakes can be made (i.e. human error), and c) what improvements can be made to the task to reduce the likelihood of those mistakes happening.

This short e-learn provides instruction on how to carry out TIP, using videos, text, and quizzes.  It also includes downloadable worksheets to be used when carrying out TIP to analyses tasks.