Health & Safety & Legislation

Employers have a legal obligation to provide a safe and healthy workplace. Enabling staff to meet day to day legislative requirements, and keeping up with best practice, need not be costly and certainly should not be difficult or time consuming. Health & Safety & Legislation provides an online resource that is easy to use and comprehensive. 
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Bribery Act 2010                    Sustainability                                                

Bribery Act 2010                           Sustainability 

Health And Safety                   Equality And Diversity

Health And Safety                          Equality And Diversity Overview

First Aid                                          Age 

Slips, Trips And Falls                     Disability

Fire                                                Gender Reassignment

Electricity                                       Marriage and Civil Partnership

Manual Handling                           Pregnancy And Maternity 

Display Screen Equipment           Religion or Belief

Dangerous Substances                Sex

                                                             Sexual Orientation

Data Protection                           EnergyAware

Conditions For Processing