Microsoft Office 2010

These courses provide staff, with a comprehensive, easy to use suite of learning resources. The courses use interactive simulations to give users opportunities to learn by doing, and covers Microsoft Office. Microsoft Office content teaches the features and navigation of Office applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, etc.). Click below to be taken to these activities.

Introducing Word                                  Templates

Creating Documents                             Watermarks

Opening, Saving, Closing                     Automated Formatting

Page Layout                                         Formatting With Tabs

Navigation Tools                                  Outlining Documents

Screen Components                            Borders And WordArt

Basic Text Formatting                          Drawing Tools

Formatting Paragraphs                        SmartArt

Moving And Copying Text                    Macros

Graphics                                              Working With Styles

Task Panes                                          Working With Columns

   Proofing Tools

   Printing Documents

   Envelopes And Labels

Introducing Excel                                Splitting, Freezing And Hiding

Creating Workbooks                           Using Functions

Open And Save Workbooks               Creating Charts

Page Setup Options                           3D Workbooks

Navigating Workbooks                       Worksheet Design

Page Breaks And Previewing            Worksheets And Emails

Formatting Data                                 Creating A Web Page

Move And Copy Data                         Additional Formatting Features

Formulas And Functions                    Formatting Menus Options

Screen Components                          Relative And Absolute References

Proofing Tools


PowerPoint 2010 - Beginners     PowerPoint 2010 - Intermediate

Introducing                                          PowerPoint Templates

Opening, Saving And Closing            Working With Slide Shows

Creating Presentations                       Drawing Tools

Editing Presentations                         Animations

Arranging Slides                                Media Tools

Slide Layouts                                     Tables

Outline                                               View Headers And Footers

Slide View                                         Speaker Notes And Handouts

View Buttons                                     Proofing And Printing

Screen Components

Outlook 2010 - Beginners           Outlook 2010 - Intermediate

Introducing Outlook                              Finding Items

Adding Contacts                                   Archiving Folders

The Contacts List                                 Working With Folders

Creating And Sending Messages        Adding Events

Creating Tasks                                     Planning Meetings

Entering Appointments                         View And Arranging Items

Working With Existing Messages        Multiple Calendars

Existing Tasks                                     Signatures

Folders                                                Delegating And Autocorrect

Message Handling Tools                    Contact Tools

Screen Components                           Custom Tools

Printing                                                Stationary And Templates

                                                             Outlook Views


                                                            Working With Notes